Auto Expo 2018, Maruti Suzuki has launched S Concept future car.

The 14th Auto Expo 2018 has started up on Wednesday morning.Veteran automobile companies have commencement to introduce huge new cars in ahead of the media. Honda is bringing about its New Jane Amaze car today. Maruti Suzuki has introduced a Concept Futures car. In India, it is required to be launched by the end of this year. However, let us tell you that the common people will have to wait till 9 February to show these cars. new carts will be launched in this year’s Auto Expo, while more than 100 vehicles will be introduced. Auto Expo will move until February 14th. More than 300 trains are being expressed this time in the auto expo hold, at Greater Noida Expo Mart. Hybrid vehicles will be the center of attraction during this period. In the Expo, companies will release cars, SUVs, buses, MUVs, to-velers, vans, super cars, concept books, trucks, vintage cars, special sales, super bikes, three-wheelers, etc.

The car creator Tata Motors will current 6 electric vehicles this time.  So many people are awaiting Maruti’s new version of Swift , which will be launched here.


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