Cancer of children giving telam powder, billions of fines imposed on company

How much do you and we look after your innocent children? We have every possible effort that innocent people have no problem in any way. For every innocent person, they check each and every test. Careful when choosing everything from children’s oils, soaps and powders to cloths. But despite such caution we choose something for our children that can bring them in contact with a deadly disease like cancer.

While taking care of our innocent children, we use Johnson & Johnson’s oil, powder, etc. products. But there is something found in this company’s powder, which is being said that this uterus is the cause of cancer. For this, the company has incurred a loss of 32 thousand crore rupees in the US

A US court has asked 22 women to pay $ 470 million (about Rs 32,000 crore) to Johnson and Johnson, the famous company for making products for children. These women accused Johnson and Johnson of having cellulose in the taluk powder and using it to develop uterine cancer. In the same judgment, the Missouri court has asked women to pay the damages.

Penalty has been imposed on company several times in the case of cancer by using Johnson and Johnson Powder. But, this is the biggest economic penalty for this so far. At present, there are around 9,000 lawsuits running on the company. They have been accused of having cancer using the powder and having asbestos.

Prosecutor’s lawyer Mark Lennier told the court that the company knew that the asbestos was found in its taluk powder. Despite this, consumers were not warned about this. He said that people’s lives can not be put in danger in this way. this is not right.

For decades, we and you are using Johnson and Johnson’s Baby Powder for your children. Women also use tailpum powders in their genitals so that it absorbs moisture and does not cause any kind of stench.

A complaint was filed in the US last year, according to which women use Johnson and Johnson baby powder and shower to shower powder regularly. It is widely used in women for genital hygiene. Women said that they later found out that uterine cancer was occurring.

It is also worth mentioning that Johnson and Johnson are already aware of this and the company has hidden this thing for the last 40 years. However Johnson and Johnson said the hearing in this case was unilateral.

Company shares fall
During the nearly five weeks of hearings, the two sides presented expert on their behalf. While reacting to the court’s decision, the company said that the trial of the case has not been done properly and that it will challenge the decision. After the court’s decision, the share price of Johnson and Johnson fell in the stock market.

Cleanliness of the company: Decision is unilateral, not cancer
The company has expressed its displeasure over this decision. The statement issued by the company said, “Johnson and Johnson are very disappointed with the verdict, which has originally come as a result of improper practice.” Because of this, 22 women, who have no connection to Missouri, have alleged that They have cancer of the uterus. ‘

Johnson further said that the decision has been said to benefit everyone equally, without considering their personal facts, which show that the decision has been taken on the basis of prejudices in the matter. “Johnston and Johnson believe that their products do not have asbestos and do not cause uterine cancer. The company said that every judgment against Johnson and Johnson in this court (the court of Missouri) has been reversed later.


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