US market impact on recession

The main index of the US stock market, Daozan, today climbed 567 points. It was expected that today Indian markets will improve.

The impact of boom in the US market has also been seen on the Indian stock market. After three consecutive days of decline, the stock market increased. In the initial business, the index rose nearly 350 points and the Nifty earned about 90 points.

How did the investor money drown in just three days?

Suppose you bought 60 shares of SBI in rupees. In the portfolio of Rs 18,540 in the month of January 31, 309 According to 400 per share, the Tata Motors 50 shares worth 20 thousand rupees. According to 950 rupees, 20 shares of Reliance, which were 19 thousand rupees.

According to Rs 1159, 10 shares of Infosys were priced at Rs 11 thousand 590. According to the stock price of 3112 rupees, TCS has 10 shares of Rs. That means, on January 31, the total share in your portfolio was 1.25 million rupees. But SBI has closed at 292, Tata Motors 374, Reliance 892, Infosys 1108 and TCS 2995, today the total value of your shares has increased to 95 thousand rupees.

If your stock price was 1 lakh two hundred and fifty rupees before the budget, then after the budget, the price has now gone up to 95 thousand 90 rupees. Accordingly, you have suffered a loss of Rs. 5 thousand 160 in three days.

Why the stock market dropped?

On the day of the day i.e., on February 1, the Sensex dropped by 59 points. On February 2, the next day of the budget dropped 840 points. After this, on February 510, 310 points and 561 points fell yesterday or 6th February.

There are two reasons behind continuing to come under the Sensex. The first reason is the US and the second is talking about American reasons, due to rising interest rates, the US market has declined. It is being said that the interest rate will be 3 percent; American investors used to borrow money on low interest and put money in foreign markets. Now interest rates are increasing so that they are withdrawing money.

Talking about Indian causes, foreign investors raise money. 10 percent long-term capital gains tax on earnings from the budget. Finance Secretary Hasmukh Adhia is also declaring the main reason for the fall in overseas markets.

Improvement in the US market

The fall in the Indian stock market yesterday led to a decline in the American stock market, but today the American market has improved. The main index of the American stock market, Daozan, fell 1175 points yesterday. Dawens finished today with 567 point gold is expensive by falling market share


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